America is still a Christian Nation


Contrary to political opinion. 

First, America is a religious nation, irregardless of the faith adhered to. 

As we can see, there is no lack of color on this map.  The darker the blue/color, the more religious.


Next, what is the breakdown of each faith in the United States?

from Wikipedia:

religion in USA

-Below shows the predominant faith, or lack of faith, in each state.


The reason I presented this was for 2 reasons:

1.  those that rule over us are completely clueless as to the moral values of this nation.

They pass laws that are against the will of the people, and do not reflect the majority opinion.

2.  I have been hearing false prophecies about how evil this country is, and how immoral, and how God wants to destroy it.

Immorality is present in this nation, but it does not represent the average American.

It is acknowledged that no one is perfect, and that we have all sinned before God.  But, most Americans do not pursue sin, and evil , as a way of life.

If we go into the neighborhoods of America, we are not going to see outright wickedness, and evil, prevailing. 

Most Americans are law biding citizens, charitable, have families they want to protect, and work to preserve what is precious to them.  

This includes those who describe themselves as having “no faith” to declare.   They are still good citizens, and do not advocate pure evil.

If we look to Europe and other regions, there is immorality as well.  Yet this false prophecy of condemnation does not speak to that fact.

If America is successfully attacked, or goes down in power, it is because it has served God’s purpose, and its time is up. 

The hatred of those who are truly evil will not justify their destructive acts, and the wicked will be punished by God for their actions.



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