Billions of jellyfish appearing off the British coastline after two weeks of warm weather

The Extinction Protocol

April 2015ENGLANDThis week’s warm weather may have tempted you to take a dip in the UK’s usually chilly waters. And if you had, you wouldn’t have been the only one swimming around the coastline. Billions of jellyfish have appeared in our waters, apparently attracted by the higher sea temperatures. Hundreds of the barrel jellyfish – each the size of a dustbin lid – have been hauled in by fishermen on the Devon and Cornish coast, with dozens of sightings reported to the authorities. Passengers aboard a sea life cruise were stunned after coming across a giant swarm of thousands of the jellyfish – the largest species found in south-west England – over a mile in length on Wednesday.
The jellyfish, which can grow up to six feet and weigh 55lb, were sighted just off Pendennis Point near Falmouth, Cornwall. Keith Leeves, captain of AK Wildlife Cruises…

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