Pyramids & Sphinx Alignment’s pole shifted 45º – تغير اتجاه الاهرامات وابو الهول

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Pyramids True alignmentPyramids True alignment

Pyramids & Sphinx Alignment’s pole shifted  45º – تغير اتجاه الاهرامات وابو الهول

  The question

The pyramids on the Giza plateau are all aligned exactly north-south and in relation to each other, but those are the walls, not the angles ! while it seems more logical & natural to align the angles to north and south than the walls ?

The problem

Linear alignment involving the three pyramids. The debate continues, whether the pyramids are built in a haphazard fashion, or geometrically aligned. However, a straight line, marked L1, appears to eliminate any alignment possibility. 

The fact

A survey of the Giza plateau shows that the pyramids are aligned to the north-south axis as well as in relation to each other. The ancient engineers worked very precisely, not only are the three pyramids each perfectly centered, but the angle of inclination is also the same…

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