Nibiru Government Preparation Plans


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This week The Informer reports how the governments around our planet are excellerating there plans to complete all there underground e. This week The Informer reports how the governments…

Nibiru PLANET X 100% Evidences 2015 Government Cover UP! Release 2015 Subscribe: The new planet, planet X, ufo, mysterious …

Things the world’s goverments are doing to prepare for the arrival of Nibiru. The evidence is there..They are getting ready for an impeding doom. Music by:. …

Things the world’s goverments are doing to prepare for the arrival of Nibiru. The evidence is there..They are getting ready for an impeding doom. Music by:. . Things the world’s goverments…

Things the world’s goverments are doing to prepare for the arrival of Nibiru…




San Andreas Movie

The newly released San Andreas movie is a block buster, and highly accurate! Is this what will happen during the hour of the Pole Shift? Yes, and worse. The Zetas have predicted magnitude 9 earthquakes worldwide, which this film depicts for California cities. The Zetas have predicted tsunami, which is depicted, but also global ocean sloshing which it not depicted. The Zetas have predicted hurricane force winds, also not depicted. The Zetas have predicted that at the time of the Pole Shift, if not before, that all dams will break and this film shows the Hoover Dam giving way. But the outstanding contribution of this film was to emphasize that predicting earthquakes by using the increase in electromagnetic flow from the rocks is possible. This is indeed an earthquake predictor which can be used by the common man!

San Andreas (film)
This movie depicts the devastation of California caused by massive earthquakes and tsunami flooding. There are scenes where kind hearted people assist others. Selfish people loot, trample and abandon those in their care. People with no chance of escape embrace before death. Scientists are ignored at first but are then given full media coverage. Law enforcement and emergency workers eventually arrive to restore order and rebuild.

I, Nancy, went to see the movie on opening day and listed how closely it paralleled ZetaTalk. The Zetas agree!
The San Andreas movie paralleled ZT in many places:
1. Hoover Dam breaks (ZetaTalk says it will during the New Madrid adjustment).
2. Geologist describes Colorado River, which he carefully outlines on a map running down from the Hoover, as a river bed which he calls a „deformation” in the crust, thus outlining a hidden fault or plate border. Zetas say river bottoms run along sagging thin crust, which is „drooping”.
3. 8’s not being the big one, can be followed promptly by 9+’s. Zetas say this about the New Madrid.
4. San Andreas rip point can be seen from the air. This is true already that one can see where the plate border lies from an airplane, nothing new, but emphasized that one side goes up, the other down, and lateral movement. Both true of the present scars there.
5. Tsunami accurately shown. Water pulls away from shore, then in it comes, very high. Period of time after the big quakes too, which is accurate.
6. Concrete fascia on buildings shatters readily, concrete buildings crumble. Metal frame do not deform but hold up but if the ground below tilts or drops, they will too.
7. Magnetics can be used to determine a pending quakes. ZT talks about magnetic screech, from pressed rock, increasing before a quake (pets run away, etc) in the movie they refer to this simply as magnetism, which they show spiking or not. Unsure what magnetism they are measuring, presumably from the rock as they have their laptops with them at the Hoover Dam.

ZetaTalk Insight 6/6/2015:
This is a commendable movie, in that it sticks to the facts. Is the destruction what can be anticipated during the Pole Shift, or before? It is indeed descriptive of what will occur during the Pole Shift, when magnitude 9 quakes are experienced worldwide. A tsunami is depicted accurately, but in that the San Andreas movie is not depicting the Pole Shift, no ocean sloshing to a height of 500 feet or greater is shown. Imagine LA with such a tide, on top of earthquake destruction, and the reason for the message to be out of the cities when the Last Weeks are undeniable is clear.

We have stated that the New Madrid adjustment will precede any major adjustment along the San Andreas, and precede any anticipated break in the Hoover Dam. We have also stated that the Hoover Dam is likely to react to pressure in the bowing of the N American continent by jammed spillways so that the lake water backs up into Las Vegas. But we have also stated that all dams will shatter and fail in some manner during or before the Pole Shift, and the movie provides an apt warning in this regard. We were also pleased to find that our descriptions of electro-magnetic screech
in the rocks can be used as a means to predict quakes,
a fact known to mankind but not stressed in the media.   

ZetaTalk Prediction 12/11/2010:
Other than indicate that a slip-side adjustment along the San Andreas will occur after this New Madrid, and occur after the Hoover Dam breaks we have not given any timing clues. Great quakes, such as magnitude 9, should not be expected, but eruptions in the West Coast volcanoes should be anticipated. A slip-slide fault line usually does not move all at once, but in a domino fashion, a bit here, a bit there.

ZetaTalk Prediction 4/7/2012:
What then is likely to happen to the Hoover Dam as the pressure of the N American bow increases, as it surely will prior to the New Madrid adjustment?  The Hoover Dam in particular was built so sturdily that it is unlikely to shatter. This was because it was intended to hold back an immense amount of water, and the site chosen because the rock on either side of the dam was considered impervious to erosion or crumbling. What then is likely to happen to the Hoover Dam as the pressure of the N American bow increases, as it surely will prior to the New Madrid adjustment? Spillways are openings in the dams, tubes that run through the dams ending in gates, all of which are vulnerable to being crunched and broken. Jammed shut, what would the water flowing into the lake above the Hoover Dam do? It would rise, and flow into Los Vegas along the ravines that connect the two.

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    Iskra z Polski.Miłosierdzie Boże.

    Pokolenie Faustyny.
    ur. 25 sierpnia 1905 w Głogowcu, zm. 5 października 1938 w Krakowie
    5 kwietnia 1978, na prośbę kard. Karola Wojtyły odwołano Notyfikację zakazującą szerzenia kultu Miłosierdzia Bożego w formach pochodzących z objawień Siostry Faustyny….
    18 kwietnia 1993 odbyła się beatyfikacja Faustyny, której dokonał papież Jan Paweł II
    30 kwietnia 2000 miała miejsce kanonizacja, której dokonał Jan Paweł II
    Wtedy też zostało ustanowione święto Miłosierdzia Bożego.

    Która z tych dat wyznacza „pokolenie” ????


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