Earth’s weakening ‘magnetic shield’ could see life wiped out as skin cancer levels soar

The Extinction Protocol

Earth Magnetic Field The Extinction Protocol
June 2015GEOLOGYOur planet’s magnetosphere, which prevents solar winds and radiation from reaching Earth, is currently DISAPPEARING, affecting the WEST first according to researchers. While we are in the grip of a surge in solar storms – when radiation blast from the sun across near space – scientists have discovered our magnetic field and only defense against them is thinning. The news comes as a level G4 solar blast from the Sun yesterday morning threatened to interfere with satellite and GPS communications systems, as we reported. This natural shield reaches thousands of miles into space and also has an effect on weather patterns and global communication systems. But yesterday’s blast and more that are predicted are not expected to reach us due to our planet’s magnetic field. A European Space Agency mission, now at the end of the first of its four-year program, has concluded the Earth’s…

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