Exhibiting signs of awakening: two volcanoes under watch in the Aleutians

The Extinction Protocol

Aleutian Volcanoes The Extinction Protocol
June 2015ALASKA Satellite imagery shows elevated surface temperatures in the summit crater at Cleveland Volcano, roughly 140 miles west of Dutch Harbor. John Power is the Scientist in Charge at the Alaska Volcano Observatory. “So, we’re seeing warm ground, increased thermal activity at the summit.  Some of the radar images that we have suggested that new lava has been extruded forming a small lava dome in the volcano summit crater.” Scientists at the AVO have raised the alert level for Cleveland to ‘advisory.’  The aviation color code has also been set to yellow.
“We have heightened the alert levels at Cleveland so that folks are aware that there is the possibility of increased hazards associated with any eruptive activity that might occur beyond what’s apparently already gone on.” Cleveland volcano has been extremely active for the past decade. Power says it’s one of the most active volcanoes…

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