Peru’s Ubinas volcano erupts, emits ashes

The Extinction Protocol

Ubinas Volcano
June 2015PERUAn explosive eruption from Ubinas volcano occurred this morning and spread ashes of 15 kilometers around the crater. Ubinas volcano exploded this morning, spreading ashes over the Ubinas valley, reports El Comercio. The explosion occurred at 8:50 a.m. this morning and spread ashes 15 kilometers wide around the volcano. The ashes primarily affected those in southeasterly direction at Ubinas Valley villages. The Volcanological Observatory Metallurgical Mining Geological Institute (Ingemmet) reported the locals of Ubinas, Tonohaya, Anascapa and Sacohay were the most affected.
Ingemmet recommends that the valley’s citizens take precautions to protect against the layer of ash that could harm livestock and water sources. Locals should wear masks and glasses. The volcano recorded numerous explosions earlier this month and for the last few months in high frequency. In late April Ubinas and Matalaque declared state of emergency for the high level of activity registered by…

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