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The Spy Who Saved The World- The Tragedy of Colonel Kuklinski

Originally posted on Rlisu's Blog:
In a chapel at Arlington Cemetery a memorial took place few years ago.  It was attended by government officials, many current and former CIA agents, a military honour guard, along with a military band. …

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Sikorski był super facet i został zaszczuty

1001portails Polska ‏@1001ptsPL 5 min.5 minut temu Kamiński: Sikorski był super facet i został zaszczuty ( 

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Tektites: 1 – The Tale of the Tektites

Originally posted on MalagaBay:
Professor Marcello Truzzi is credited with originating the phrase: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. That phrase is particularly apt in the context of an Inflating Earth because acceptance of this concept requires the trashing of…

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