KGB-GRU/FSB operation NIBIRU INVASION still in progres.


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    On Thursday afternoon, at approximately 2:47 PM (EST) a congratulatory tweet emerged from President Donald J. Trump’s “famous” twitter account. The message was short and simple: “Nibiru beaten. We win.” However, within seconds of being posted, the tweet mysteriously vanished from not only his twitter account but also from internet archival records.

    The report stems from testimony given by former MI6 operative Christopher Steele, who says he glimpsed the tweet just before it was mysteriously purged from Trump’s “beautiful” twitter account. The tweet, Steele said, was Trump’s response to a classified intelligence report stating that a 2.2km ‘Nibiru fragment’ had been destroyed in space. Early last month, Russian astronomer Dr. Dyomin Damir Zakharovich alerted the world to a potential threat—an asteroid-like object, ejected from the Nibiru system, was due to strike Earth on 16 February. Donald Trump clandestinely mustered foreign leaders in a bid to save the world from extinction; an eight-nation coalition had launched a barrage of advanced interceptor missiles at the target, destroying it early Tuesday morning.

    According to our British source, Steele spoke of Trump’s tweet after analyzing a series of highly sensitive intelligence reports detailing Trump’s deliberations regarding the Nibiru system.

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    Te „polskie” filmiki z czerwca br. przygotowanie przed startem akcji z satelitą.Przypadek

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    Zdaje się że mamy odwrót na „z góry upatrzone pozycje”

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    Na wszystko jest rada

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