Atomic Bomb Hoax IV

Introduction – just Propaganda to scare you

Many people today, 2014, apart from being afraid of terrorists, are also curious how a military, atomic bomb functions.

I am happy to inform that atomic bombs do not function at all and are nothing to fear!

It is evidently a military secret that military atomic bombs do not function, but I am not a professional military. I have of course done military service and learnt how to kill … enemy soldiers. But not civilians. I am not a terrorist. I am a structural engineer and naval architect but with good knowledge of physics. Below I explain why military, atomic bombs used by terrorists do not work. Media (newspapers, radio, TV, Hollywood, etc.) will never tell you this, because it seems media is under some sort of military or terrorist control. It was very easy to fool the US public 1945 and is still easier today 2013. Take an isolated school building and a fake fire brigade station and fake a terror show. Americans believe anything shown on TV or printed in newspapers and repeated by politicians. We are all told at school or reading books or learn one way or another, e.g. from the Trinity atomic Web Site (no pictures), that a first atomic bomb – a Weapon of Mass Destruction, WMD – was dropped by US Air Force terrorists on Hiroshima (plenty pictures), Japan, in the morning of August 6, 1945, to end the 2nd World war. A terrorist kills innocent civilians in lieu of military soldiers. A second atomic bomb was dropped on a poor suburb of Nagasaki a few days later by the same terrorists to really stop the war. BBC suggests it happened like this! Oliver Stone also believes in the terror atomic bomb and should study this article. North Korea thinks it also can explode an atomic bomb 2013 (1 000 m below surface) – but it is also just nice propaganda – and keeps the North Korean nomenklatura terrorists in power. Western propaganda media copies it at once without thinking, of course. Western media loves the atomic bomb dropped on civilans by terrorists.

„The US decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 was meant to kick-start the Cold War rather than end the Second World War, according to two nuclear historians who say they have new evidence backing the controversial theory.”

New Scientist

„A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”

Winston Churchill 1945

“Additional fire raids of B-29’s would have been more destructive of life and property – this deliberate, premeditated destruction was our least abhorrent choice.”

Henry Stimson, 1947

„Look at Afghanistan. In more than ten years, the armed forces of the United States and their puppet „coalition partners” have been unable to defeat a rag-tag people’s army of cave-dwellers and primitive tribesmen armed with weaponry less effective than was used in World War I (no tanks, no planes, no heavy artillery, no poison gas and so on), in a land-locked country which receives no significant outside assistance.

When the Executive Department of the General Government declares, as it has today, that nameless, faceless bureaucrats can order the assassinations of Americans, anywhere in the world, on the basis of the mere suspicion that the targets are somehow allied with „terrorists” or other „enemies,” and no other department of the General Government or the States at any level of the federal system challenges that declaration, then America has degenerated into a politically putrescent state beyond mere „authoritarianism.” This condition constitutes a species of legal nihilism with which, heretofore, only monsters such as Caligula and Hitler were associated.”

Edwin Vieira

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said on September 11, 2012, that the United States would have about a year to take action, if Iran decided to build a nuclear weapon.

Leon Panetta, CIA, FBI, i.a., have apparently missed this article:

In order to hide the truth about the atomic bombs USA, when occupying Japan, immediately created the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) within its Civil Information Section. CCD was secret. You could not even say that censorship existed in occupied Japan. Anybody taking photos of the ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and suggesting, e.g. that the two atomic bombs were fake was simply arrested and maybe executed because such suggestions disturbed public tranquility. How was it possible? The CCD was run by United Stasi of America’s general Charles A. Willoughby. If Charles had remained in Germany, where he was born 1892, he would probably have had the job of Joseph Goebbles. Charles apparently was a psychopath and as such suitable for US Army service. Or for Adolf Hitler?

If you today 2014 still believe in being vaporized by an atomic bomb explosion the 135 pages US Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation (June 2010) is recommended reading. You will, e.g. learn (p 81):

„A nuclear detonation in a modern urban area would impact the medical system more than any disaster previously experienced by the nation. Large numbers of casualties with traumatic, thermal, and radiation injuries, in all possible combinations, will be seen … The death toll will be high, but there are opportunities to save tens to hundreds of thousands of lives.”

But do not worry too much. It is just a joke.



The one million °C Heat and one thousand bar Pressure Blast Wave with its positive and negative Phases

According the paper Blast Loading and Blast Effects on Structures – An Overview, by T. Ngo, P. Mendis, A. Gupta & J. Ramsay, The University of Melbourne, Australia, 2007 we learn:

„An explosion is defined as a large-scale, rapid and sudden release of energy. … In a nuclear explosion, energy is released from the formation of different atomic nuclei by the redistribution of the protons and neutrons within the interacting nuclei (sic), whereas the rapid oxidation of fuel elements (carbon and hydrogen atomics) is the main source of energy in the case of chemical explosions. … The detonation of a condensed high explosive generates hot gases under pressure up to 300 kilo bar and a temperature of about 3 000-4 000C°. … The hot gas expands forcing out the volume it occupies. As a consequence, a layer of compressed air (blast wave) forms in front of this gas volume containing most of the energy released by the explosion. Blast wave instantaneously increases to a value of pressure above the ambient atmospheric pressure. This is referred to as the side-on overpressure that decays as the shock wave expands outward from the explosion source. After a short time, the pressure behind the front may drop below the ambient pressure (Figure 1). During such a negative phase, a partial vacuum is created and air is sucked in. This is also accompanied by high suction winds that carry the debris for long distances away from the explosion source”.

A chemical explosive is thus a compound or mixture which, upon the application of heat or shock, decomposes or rearranges with extreme rapidity, yielding much gas and heat. Chemical explosions normally take place at ground level and the gas forms a mushroom cloud rising in the sky after the explosion.

It is suggested by many ‚experts’ that a nuclear explosion, if it really can take place, generates pure energy and no hot gases of a chemical explosion producing black smoke but something else – invisible energy corresponding to 20 000 ton of TNT exploding – heating up 1 kg of new atomics and 60 kg of unsplit uranium atomics and 4 360 kg of scrap metal making up the bomb … and the surrounding air. No mushroom cloud will be produced by such an explosion high in the air … if it can take place.

The pure energy of the exploding atomic bomb, we are told, heats up and increases the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere air so it expands producing a fireball with diameter 200 meters after 0.016 seconds (see below) and a blast wave displacing outwards in the cool outside air (seen on many fake US propaganda films) at a very high velocity and with an initial pressure of a thousand bar and an initial temperature of a million °C.

Such an expanding high pressure and temperature fireball and blast wave would evidently cause more damage than a simple chemical bomb and its hot gases of rapid, local combustion of chemicals. The atomic blast wave could not be directed – it would go off in all 360° directions – and destroy anything being hit. If the bomb goes off 600 meters up in the air, the pure energy escapes in all directions and the energy directed towards ground will damage the ground and be absorbed by the ground. Evidently the velocity, pressure and temperature of the blast wave are reduced with time elapsed and distance travelled.

Nuclear detonations produced high above the ground do not create mushroom clouds!

US official propaganda has a slightly different description of the devastating blast wave:

 „The … (blast) wave travelled out in all directions from the explosion. The blast effects produced were uniform, and essentially those of conventional large high-explosive (chemical) weapons though on a much larger scale. Thus, instead of localized effects such as the collapse of a roof truss or wall panel, entire buildings were crushed or distorted as units.The blast pressure, as with high explosives, rose almost instantaneously (?sic?) to a peak, declined more slowly, and then fell below atmospheric pressure for a period about three times the period during which it was above atmospheric pressure. The positive period–that during which the pressure was greater than atmospheric–was of much greater peak pressure than the succeeding, or negative phase. Short though the positive phase was–probably only slightly longer than a second–it lasted longer than the positive phase of ordinary bombs. Thus the effect of the atomic bomb on buildings was usually that of a powerful push, which shoved buildings over or left them leaning, whereas high explosive (chemical) bombs strike sharply and much more briefly and tend to punch holes in walls. The duration was also long enough so that almost all building failures came during the positive phase. Comparatively few evidences were found of failures of members during the longer but less intense negative phase; window shutters blown outwards toward the explosion were very rare.”

So the peak, side-on overpressure of an atomic bomb blast may be 1 thousand bar and the blast wave travels ~100 meter in 0.016 seconds or 6.250 m/s at the beginning according photographic evidence (see below).

The blast wave hits ground after about 0.1 second, if the bomb explodes at 600 m altitude. An area with radius 3 000 meters, like central Hiroshima, was then destroyed, blown away outwards, in less than ten seconds assuming an average blast wave velocity of 300 m/s during that time. The positive phase was 1 second, the blast wave was then say 1 000 meters away, assuming average blast wave velocity 1 000 m/s during that time, when reduced pressure below 1 bar developed, the negative phase started, and cool air was sucked into the vacuum for say 3 seconds. That anything should remain standing and catch fire within 1 000 meters during the 4 seconds, maybe longer, passage of the blast wave and its positive and negative phase appears unlikely. The temperature of the heat wave associated with the blast wave probably also fell from 1 million °C to 6.000°C after a second or 1.000°C after 10 seconds but still high enough to vaporize objects being in the way. The amount of energy released in the combined blast and heat wave was evidently enormous. Any office building in the vicinity would evidently … disappear! Wiped away. See photo right!

Bank of Japan building at Rijo Dori street, Kamiya-cho, Naka ku, Hiroshima, 2013, located almost below the alleged bomb explosion 1945 and which survived the blast/heat wave

After the blast wave has destroyed everything in its way on the ground, a mushroom cloud was developed (picture right) above the target, we are told. But mushroom clouds only form due to chemical explosions.

In order for the mushroom cloud to rise into the sky – and to be photographed as evidence of an atomic explosion – violent winds are supposed to blew to the point of atomic burst, etc, etc. Only fools believe this nonsense. All the energy of the alleged atomic explosion was distributed in all directions as a heat/blast wave and there was no time for a mushroom cloud to be formed rising in the sky. Evidently air was sucked in after the explosion but it was also from all directions. Nuclear detonations produced high above the ground do not create mushroom clouds! Nuclear detonations cannot take place at all! Let’s see what really happened at Hiroshima and what could not have happened starting with a short, historical overview:



Experts suggest:

Einstein’s equation, E = mc², shows that matter that is transformed into energy may yield a total energy equivalent to the mass multiplied by the square of the velocity of light.

It is evidently a stupid, unscientific interpretation. A mass m of 1 kg of any substance cannot become (299 792 458)² or 89 875 517 873 681 764 Joule energy E just because the speed of light c is 299 792 458 m/s. The experts have totally misunderstood what Einstein and many physicists long before Einstein really meant. If 1 kg of TNT releases 4 100 000–4 602 000 or say 4 400 000 Joule of energy, energy of 1 kg of matter m corresponds to 20 426 254 062 kg of TNT and that is really a lot – 1 kg matter m has energy E corresponding to 20,4 million tons of TNT that explodes! And the Hiroshima bomb was only a mass of 61 kg of Uranium-235 + a mass of 4 339 kg of scrap!

But those experts or nuclear physicists are simply military men lying or making propaganda for a little salary to keep their jobs. They evidently call me an idiot but when I ask them to prove how clever they are they always fail. Every time!

Any physicist suggesting atomic bombs can explode is lying.

They all fail my simple Challenge.

„The mushroom cloud rising over Hiroshima, Japan. The city of Hiroshima was the target of the world’s first atomic bomb attack at 8:16 a.m. on August 6, 1945. The cloud rose to over 60,000 feet (18 000 meters) in about ten minutes.About 30 seconds after the explosion, the B29 plane that dropped the bomb circled (sic) in order to get a better look at what was happening. By that time, although the plane was flying at 30,000 feet (9 000 meters), the mushroom cloud had risen above them. The city itself was completely engulfed in a thick black smoke.”

Source: (evidently the photo is a fake (of a chemical explosion) as no plane dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima that was destroyed by napalm carpet bombings.

June 1942 Work started on Bomb to vaporize everything

US president Franklin D Roosevelt had allegedly ordered the atomic bombs to be designed (or created) and built by clever US scientists and engineers 1939, 1941 or 1942, it is not clear when, because it is a military secret 2014. 1939? Before the 2nd WW even started tipped off by a stupid, foolish letter by no other than Albert Einstein that an atomic bomb would work? Can we believe that? No, not possible! US public (opinion) was against any war then and vaporizing women and children. And Einstein must have been smart enough to understand that chain reaction fission was impossible. But USA started early: the very secret Briggs Advisory Committee on Uranium created by Roosevelt had its first meeting on October 21, 1939, in Washington, D.C., only seven weeks after WWII started and discussed Making uranium (fission) chain-reaction bombs. Imagine that! What Briggs & Co found out is not known.

June 1941? When Hitler attacked USSR and it looked like Hitler would conquer the world with US looking on? No. US public (opinion) was still against any war and vaporizing people. Better to negotiate with Hitler? Or 1942 after Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor and Hitler had declared war on USA in December 1941? Self defense! Why not? Can Japan bomb Pearl Harbour, USA can vaporize Japan! Iraq had the atomic bomb according US intelligence already 2000 but found nothing after destroying the country and the Islamic Republic of Iran is apparently struggling making an atomic bomb since 20 years, while the USA did it in only three years 1942-1945. Fantastic! Fantasy.

According US propaganda 2013:

In 1939, the Nazis were rumored [sic] to be developing an atomic bomb. The United States initiated its own program under the Army Corps of Engineers in June 1942. America needed to build an atomic weapon before Germany or Japan did [which they never did]. General Leslie R. Groves, Deputy Chief of Construction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, was appointed to direct this top-secret project.

Suddenly $2 billion were available + plenty brains to vaporise the enemy! It was probably 1942 – Oak Ridge, Tennessee was allegedly built then to accommodate 75.000 poor persons that got a job in the arms industry. Nice propaganda! But most of the work was apparently done on Manhattan, New York City, NY, USA. That’s why it was called the Manhattan project. It was all propaganda like much info presented as news by the New York Times 2001.

And only three (!) years and one month later (much much faster than the JFK order 1961 to, propaganda wise, put Americans on the Moon 1969, which took 8 years), after Hitler had shot himself April 1945, the Roosevelt atomic bombs were ready to be used to vaporize Japan, we are told, at a cost of $2 billion (1945). Imagine spending $2 billions … all secret! In three years!

The first atomic bomb caused a lot of damage apart from vaporizing innocent people and many children: 

„The fire damage in Hiroshima (due to the atomic bomb explosion) was much more complete; the center of the city was hit and everything but the reinforced concrete buildings had virtually disappeared. A desert of clear-swept, charred remains, with only a few strong building frames left standing was a terrifying sight. … In Hiroshima, 4,400 feet from X, multi-story brick buildings were completely demolished. … Because the explosion was well up in the air, much of the damage resulted from a downward pressure. This pressure of course most largely affected flat roofs. Some telegraph and other poles immediately below the explosion remained upright while those at greater distances from the center of damage, being more largely exposed to a horizontal thrust from the blast pressure waves, were overturned or tilted. Trees underneath the explosion remained upright but had their branches broken downward. „

Source: THE atomic BOMBINGS OF HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI by The Manhattan Engineer District, June 29, 1946.

Map of Hiroshima city center, target Aioi bridge and location of Bank of Japan office and location above where the alleged atomic bomb is said to have exploded over Rijo Dori street at Kamiya-cho, Naka-ku. There are many similar stone/concrete/brick buildings in the surroundings that survived the napalm carpet fire bombings.

Aerial view of central Hiroshima where the alleged atomic bomb is said to have exploded over Rijo Dori street at Kamiya-cho, Naka-ku in the middle producing a blast/heat wave . The main streets were quickly cleaned of ash and soot after the fires and no bridges were damaged (as they were made of steel/concrete)

The above is pure propaganda without any evidence at all. Because you are not informed that the Gelbi Bank and the Bank of Japan concrete/brick buildings, of course fairly earthquake proof, at Rijo Dori street, Kamiya-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima city centre with their flat roofs just below the alleged explosion point were not damaged or vaporized at all on August 6, 1945, … and open for business a few days later. The BoJ building is still there 2014!

Quite amazing!

Gelbi bank building 1946 at Hiroshima at Rijo Dori street – 380 meters sideways from and about 600 meters (1 800 feet) below the alleged ‚atomic bomb’ explosion and blast/heat wave center across the street 1945!

Downtown Hiroshima 1946 with a Gelbi bank building in back ground at Rijo Dori street! No ‚atomic bomb’ exploded down the road to the left and produced a blast/heat wave here 1945!

Downtown Hiroshima and Bank of Japan and Gelbi bank buildings at Rijo Dori street 1945 facing Ground Zero, where a fake atomic bomb apparently exploded! Notice all the trees standing bare like after a forest fire. Most of them survived and 1946 new leaves budded.


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