Atomic Bomb Hoax V

A Plane dropped the atomic Bomb 6 August 1945 – No Parachute Retarder

We are told that the Hiroshima atomic bomb was released at 0815 hours local time, from an altitude of 9 855 meters by some US terrorists in a plane named Enola Gay.

The plane was type B-29 (right) that normally dropped 450 napalm fire bombs each of 10 kg (total 4 500 kg) on people, children, houses, schools and hospitals and similarly non-military targets on ground below.

About 45 fire bombs could be dropped simultaneously at 10 seconds intervals in a so called carpet bombing attack at low altitude, so 450 bombs could be dropped during one and a half minute. Imagine 400 B-29s dropping 180 000 napalm bombs in a joint attack. With luck only solid houses not being directly hit would remain standing. Houses with rather solid roofs would not be affected – the bombs would bounce off. It had happened in Japan several times before and the result was several square kilometers of destroyed, burnt down housing areas in Japanese towns and only solid building standing. Evidently this type of military attack was not suitable against small, industrial targets or even military troops. It was designed only to kill civilians of all ages. It was pure terrorism as terrorists targets innocent civilians.

A US B-29 terrorist plane dropping napalm bombs on civilians

Now one B-29 plane was converted to carry and drop only one atomic bomb – alone – or Enola – of 4 400 kg with 61 critical mass kilograms uranium 235 inside.

Imagine releasing one such heavy bomb in one go from a little plane. It had never been done before. How it was done is described at around 36.50 in this propaganda video. Admire the cheap actors playing the bomb plane crew that never existed … like the bomb. We are told that …

57 seconds later (no parachute retarder used), at the predetermined altitude of 600 meters, the 4 400 kg bomb detonated directly over Shima Surgical Clinic (and close to the Bank of Japan building) in an instant killing 75 000 civilians; the original aiming point was the Aioi Bridge, but wind blew it a little off course, we are made to believe.

The lonely bomb thus dropped 9 255 meters in 57 seconds. Average vertical velocity of the bomb was thus 162.4 m/s. If start vertical velocity was 0 and final velocity was 324.7 m/s (almost the speed of sound), it accelerated vertically at rate 5.7 m/s or 0.58g. Air resistance apparently slowed down the bomb. Start horizontal velocity was same as the plane’s speed, say 100 m/s, but was reduced due to air friction, while the plane continued forward.

Say that bomb horizontal speed was reduced to 50 m/s after 57 seconds, then the average horizontal speed was 75 m/s and the bomb horizontal displacement during fall until explosion was 4 275 meters , i.e. the distance away from the target when dropping the bomb. The plane continued 5 700 meters at constant altitude.

Had the lonely bomb dropped another two seconds, it would have crashed against the ground … and been destroyed … and would never explode. That it actually managed to explode at 600 m altitude, while travelling at 324.7 m/s vertical speed and horizontal speed say 50 m/s after 57 seconds fly time, is evidently just propaganda. How to trigger a detonation at 328.5 m/s total speed at exactly the right time using 1945 technology is not clear, as it had never been done before or after. Try to Google for the answer. You’ll find nothing. But 100’s of websites suggest that it was just done.

Note that the Hiroshima bomb 1945 had fixed tail fins like the 200 B61 Silver Bullet atomic gravity bombs protecting me 2013.

Approximate 57 seconds Hiroshima bomb trajectory dropping down 9.255 meters while moving forward 4 275 meters.

If the plane made 360 km/h or 100 m/s speed, when dropping the bomb and continued straight on, the plane would be only 9-10 km above from the explosion, i.e. 16 times further away than the Bank of Japan building below the explosion. Imagine if the bomb had exploded a little earlier. The plane would have been wiped away.

Anyway, an area of no military value with radius ~2 000 meters was wiped out by the Hiroshima lonely bomb, we are told. It is suggested a 200 meters diameter fireball was created in 0.016 seconds driving the blast wave in all directions. The blast wave then hit ground and destroyed Hiroshima and killed 75 000 persons within a second … we are supposed to believe. But it is just propaganda. Probably only 7 000 persons died in the napalm bombing raid lasting some hours, so most people could escape to surrounding mountains. They were just part of the US/Japan show!

Buildings on Rijo Dori street at downtown Hiroshima apparently not beeing hit by an atomic blast wave

The atomic blast wave originating from release of pure energy heating up 61 kg of split and unsplit uranium atomics corresponding to 20.000 kg of TNT exploding apparently displaced in all 360° directions at great velocity, pressure and temperature until hitting something, e.g. the ground straight below, incl. the Japan Bank buildings with their flat roofs, pushing down, or anything at the side, pushing it sideways (or the plane above pushing it upwards). The atomic blast wave should then bounce off whatever being hit unless what was hit was vaporized. It is like a wave at sea in the interface water/air hitting a shore (or a ship). The wave bounces (or the ship bounces). Compare also a tsunami wave hitting solid land. In that case the tsunami wave first pulls away the water close to shore – the water disappears but is actually sucked away – and then a wall of water arrives – the tsunami – destroying anything in its way.

Evidently >80-90% of the energy released 600 meters above ground just went straight up into the air and did no damage at all. Not even the plane dropping the bomb was affected.

A second WMD bomb was allegedly dropped late morning on a suburb of Nagasaki a few days later killing more innocent children.

There are many strange eye witness testimonies of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings all suggesting a bright FLASH accompanied by a rush of heat followed by a huge pressure wave and the rumbling sound of an explosion lasting a second. Some unlucky people were then vaporized!

If you are being vaporized, you cannot give testimony, of course. There are many photos of persons having being vaporized. They are just dark patches on a brighter background and how the photographer knows that it was a vaporized person is hard to understand.

Many people including children worry today 2013 a lot about that an atomic bomb will be used again and kill or vaporize innocent people in an awful terror attack. A third ‚fantasy’ bomb was also in the making 1945! Of course. Like this:

„Enriched uranium production (in USA 1945) is more difficult to summarize since there were three different enrichment processes in use that had interconnected production. The Y-12 plant calutrons also had reached maximum output early in 1945, but the amount of weapon-grade uranium this translates into varies depending on the enrichment of the feedstock. Initially this was natural uranium giving a production of weapon-grade uranium of some 6 kg/month. (Imagine that – one year just to producing the uranium for another Hiroshima bomb) But soon the S-50 thermal diffusion plant began feeding 0.89% enriched uranium, followed by 1.1% enriched feed from the K-25 gaseous diffusion plant. The established production process was then: thermal diffusion (to 0.89%) -> gaseous diffusion (to 1.1%) -> alpha calutron (to 20%) -> beta calutron (up to 89%). Of these three plants, the K-25 plant had by far the greatest separation capacity and as it progressively came on line throughout 1945 the importance of the other plants decreased. When enough stages had been added to K-25 to allow 20% enrichment, the alpha calutrons were slated to be shut down even if the war continued.”

Another well known Hiroshima building located just beside the alleged atomic bomb explosion in the background – but just burnt down by napalm bombs. Notice all the trees standing bare like after a forest fire. Most of them survived and 1946 new leaves budded.

Sounds convincing, n’est ce pas? You wonder what monkey was writing it? So there is nothing to worry about. No atomic terrorist bombs worked neither 1945, nor 2014. But terrorist napalm carpet bombing worked!


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