Atomic Bomb Hoax VIII

An atomic Bomb does not work (Iran and ISIS, please, take Note!)

Wikipedia cannot explain how an atomic bomb works, so I will here explain how it doesn’t work (and I will pay you €1 000 000:- if you prove me wrong in another matter):

We are told that the US made, 4 400 kg heavy, Hiroshima atomic WMD bomb called ‚Little Boy’ was designed as follows (the drawing is a ridiculous fake):

Anyone, incl. Iran, can build a 4 400 kg heavy atomic Bomb … but it does not work

So the US atomic bomb is not very complex or big – about 3 meters long with diameter 0.7 meter and mass 4 400 kg!! Anyone can build it! But it doesn’t work. Full details of the physics behind the 4 400 kg is available in the top secret Los Alamos Primer.

Item A is a front nose lock nut (!!) attached to a 1″ (~2.54 cm) diameter main steel rod holding the 6 uranium-235 metal (U-235) target rings (item H) in place on top of a Tungsten-Carbide tamper plug (item F) and inside the 6.5″ (16.5 cm) inside diameter Tungsten-Carbide tamper cylinder sleeve (item I).

Each U-235 target ring weighs ~5.08 kg, i.e. all 6 target rings weigh together ~30.5 kg.

A target ring has inside diameter ~2.54 cm (1″) and outside diameter ~11.8 cm (4.65″) and height ~2.57 cm (1.01″) and volume 268 cm3 and weighs ~5.08 kg, because the density of the metal U-235 is about 18.95 g/cm3.

Total height of the 6 target rings is 15.4 cm (6.06″).

If the front nose locknut (item A) is not secured, the target rings (item H) will drop off! And items B, C, F, G and I will be loose.

Item S is the 9 uranium-235 metal (U-235) projectile rings.

Each projectile ring weighs ~3.39 kg and has height 1.71 cm (0.67″).

The inside diameter is ~11.8 cm (4.65″) and the outside diameter is ~16.5 cm (6.5″) so the projectile rings can slide inside the cylinder sleeve – item I and the 6.5″ bore gun tube – item N. Total height of item S is 15.4 cm, i.e. same as item H. How the projectile rings (item S) and items T, U and W are secured inside the cylinder sleeve/gun tube and do not drop down by themselves is not clear! Nine projectile rings weigh ~30.5 kg.

The target rings and projectile rings have combined (critical) mass 61 kg and volume 3 219 cm3 (a cube of uranium-235 with side 14.77 cm) that will ‚explode’ when pushed together.

The remaining mass of the bomb – 4 339 kg – is all the other lettered items seen above.

US Army designed it VERY HEAVY 1945! Why you need 4 339 kg of scrap to push 2 times 30.5 kg of uranium-235 together is still a military secret. National security, you know! Remember Klaus Fuchs!

Another fake drawing of the VERY HEAVY ‚Little Boy’ is shown right. The basic principle is the same but the details differ completely. This is normal when idiotic military hardware is used as propaganda. There is no Item A a front nose lock nut, etc.

Björkman atomic bomb with 61 kg of uranium-235 inside


The Björkman atomic Bomb – total Weight 80 kg

It would evidently be much simpler to just have a 60 kg cube about 14.8*14.8*14.8 cm of uranium-235 with a hole where you can inject a piece of 1 kg of uranium-235 at a speed of >1.000 m/s using a little mechanical device, so it explodes, when critical mass 61 kg is suddenly reached. This mechanical device incl. 61 kg uranium-235 weighs say 70 kg. Put it in a bag with weight 10 kg and you have a Björkman atomic bomb (left) that only weighs 80 kg. Imagine that a little cube of uranium-235 can explode in a little bag! Of course one 1 kg piece must be injected at a speed of >1.000 m/s into the other 60 kg piece.

Easier to handle than the stupid 4 400 kg monster allegedly used at Hiroshima. 

Fake drawing of ‚Little Boy’


But you need Uranium-235 … and it is a little complicated

Uranium-235 (U235) is a metal and doesn’t cost very much and is not rare. About 53 000 tons of uranium are produced annually 2012.

A friend of mine at Freiberg, Saxony (East Germany/DDR until 1990) worked for Wismut AG, 1948-1958, that produced 10.000 tons of uranium for USSR. Those were the times. Wismut AG was a private company (in communist DDR) 100% owned by the KGB (USSR secret intelligence/security agency) headed at the time by comrade Serov. The USSR used the DDR uranium in their nuclear power plants. KGB knew the US atomic bomb was a fake as KGB had spies everywhere in the USA fooling FBI for years. So USSR produced their own communist atomic bomb! It didn’t cost them a kopek. It was just proletarian propaganda. It was never built. Only propaganda films and photos of fake Soviet atomic bombs were produced to impress the proletariat and put fear into the Americans.

One American, Paul Nitze, was behind the three most important reports that promoted the perception of a Soviet threat against the United States after World War II. The first of these reports, NSC68, was instrumental in changing the policy of the Truman Administration, which initially did not perceive the Soviets as a major threat. The second Nitze report was the Gaither Report that, in 1957, said the U.S. had fallen behind (!) the USSR in nuclear weaponry. Didn’t Nitze know that the USSR bomb was a propaganda hoax?

Disc of U-235 made in USA! Just drill a hole and … voilà … a ring! Then compress it, or just drop it on the floor!? … and BOOM!

However uranium-235 (U235) makes up only 0.72% of normal uranium metal and has to be separated from the remainder (mostly uranium-238) in special factories which makes uranium-235 (U-235) a little more expensive. An uranium-235 (U-235) atomic has three neutrons less than an uranium-238 atomic. To, e.g., obtain 61 kg of pure uranium-235 (U-235) metal you need about 8 400 kg or 8.4 ton of uranium to separate the uranium-235 (U-235) from. How to separate uranium-235 (U-235) from uranium-238?

Well, one way is, Iranian style since many years, that you treat the uranium with fluorine, F, so it becomes a gas – UF6 – and then, in gas separators you separate the lighter U-235 F6 molecules from the little (three neutrons) heavier U-238 F6 molecules! And then you remove the fluorine again and have pure, metal uranium-235 (U-235). Voilà! Then you cast and machine the target rings and projectile rings of uranium-235 (U-235) in any workshop. Uranium-235 (U-235) is a metal like iron that can be shaped into target rings and projectile rings. Imagine drilling a dia 1″ hole in a target ring. Aren’t you worried it will EXPLODE?

It is, however 2012 – 67 years later, still TOP SECRET, what US factory managed to separate U-235 from 10 tons of U-238 by gas separation or whatever – magnetism? – and then making it, the U-235, a 72 kg metal slab again and what workshop manufactured and drilled the U-235 metal target rings and projectile rings in 1945! Reason apparently being that no such workshop or technology existed at that time, 1942-1945, and no rings were ever manufactured. Of course, there was Oak Ridge, TN, with 75 000 people but they didn’t know what they were doing.

Some people say Clinton Engineer Works, 20 miles west of Knoxville, TN, produced the rings using the calutron electromagnetic isotope separation (EMIS) process. Hundreds of thousands of magnetic type separators (!) driven by great amount of electricity were used by Clinton Engineer Works to produce some hundred kilograms of U-235. Reason for so many separators was the relatively low product collection rate of the process and the long cycle time required to recover material between runs. The rings and the separators would otherwise be nice atomic museum show pieces! But … it was all stupid PROPAGANDA! No U-235 was ever produced and no separators existed!

Talking about atomic museums – there is one at Albuquerque, NM! It produces a lot of propaganda about US nuclear bombs and the nonsense done nearby 1945. It is supported by US Congress! Imagine that – a museum full of lies supported by the US Government. 2012! But Albuquerque is just an ugly, boring dump in the New Mexico desert with an annual hot air balloon show + plenty PhD’s living in the Rio Grande gutter.

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