Atomic Bomb Hoax X

Fission fizzle

Carey Sublette, self-appointed nuclear expert (sic), has a very stupid explanation of fission fizzle:

„Two conditions must be met before fission can be used to create powerful explosions: 1) the number of neutrons lost to fission (from non-fission producing neutron captures, or escape from the fissionable mass) must be kept low, and

2) the speed with which the chain reaction proceeds must be very fast.

A fission bomb is in a race with itself: to successfully fission most of the material in the bomb before it blows itself apart. The degree to which a bomb design succeeds in this race determines its efficiency. A poorly designed or malfunctioning bomb may „fizzle” and release only a tiny fraction of its potential energy.”

Apparently this is a clever design:

It was never tested anywhere and exploded when dropped on Hiroshima. It didn’t fizzle … you must believe. W exploded, S was suddenly pushed down N over H and fission occurred … because A was locked tight! The free neutrons made the rest! But not in this bomb!


Only Fools believe that Metal in mechanical Contact with Metal explodes

Only fools like Mr. R Oppenheimer and badly informed people like most politicians believe that uranium-235 metal in mechanical contact with uranium-235 metal in the shape of target rings or projectile rings … or any metal in mechanical contact with itself – will produce … an atomic explosion: that 4×1026 or 6×1024 metal U-235 nuclei in some uranium-235 (U-235) target rings or projectile rings fission exponentially in nanoseconds into fragments and release energy is just fantasy, I am happy to inform! It was a fizzle.

Oppenheimer, the alleged master mind of the fake Hiroshima bomb, apparently thought it was all a joke. That nobody would get killed by the massive napalm carpet bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But later propaganda suggests otherwise:

„The day the bomb dropped, (Oppenheimer) betrayed no hint of regret: Oppenheimer and his team were, in fact, jubilant. In the vast atomic compound at Los Alamos, they had gathered to celebrate the success of the bombing mission. Oppenheimer made a triumphant entrance on to the stage, clasping his hands together like a prize-fighter while everybody cheered. His only regret, he said, was that they hadn’t developed the bomb in time to use it against the Germans. This apparently ‘raised the roof’.”Churchill was equally gratified. ‘The whole burden of execution constitutes one of the greatest triumphs of American – or indeed human – genius,’ he said.

Sad story. Imagine bombing 100 000’s of innocent civilians in big cities and people cheer. Sounds like terrorism!


Psychological Shock

Better demonstrate what you know, e.g. over Tokyo Bay, where millions can watch … and nobody gets hurt.

But in preparation for dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, US military leaders decided against a demonstration bomb, and against a special leaflet warning, in both cases because of the uncertainty of a successful detonation, and the wish to maximize psychological shock. No warning was given to Hiroshima that a new and much more destructive bomb was going to be dropped.

US terrorist napalm bombing leaflet – what would a Japanese do reading it?


Japan is a nice Country … and no atomic Bombs exploded there

I worked spring 1972 – autumn 1976 and lived at Yokohama on the Bluff with a great view of Tokyo Bay to the south and Mount Fuji to the west. Two of my colleagues were children at Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945. They never experienced any atomic bombings. Just conventional B-29 napalm carpet terror bombings! Japan was occupied by USA until 1952 and censorship and propaganda produced the ridiculous falsifications of history known as the atomic bombs. What Japanese children really experienced 1945 was ignored and overlooked. Grown up Japanese were just told to shut up and believe the US propaganda nonsense.


Atomic Bomb Testing … by underpaid, summer working, stupid American and British Students

But wasn’t the atomic bomb tested at Alamogordo, NM, USA July 16, 1945 as reported by L. R. GROVES, Major General, USA? Whatever was tested in New Mexico that day you can read about in the ridiculous test report Trinity written by a Mr. K. T. Bainbridge. It was not the bomb described above. The report is simply a joke like the 18 low quality, stupid References made before and after the alleged July 16th Nuclear Explosion, by authors some of which later became physics university professors or Nobel prize winners (sic) that could never explain how an atomic bomb actually worked (due to national security reasons):

1. R. W. Carlson “Confinement of an Explosion by a Steel Vessel,” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-XXI (September 1945).2. J. H. Manley “July 16th Nuclear Explosion: Micro-Barograph Pressure Measurement, ” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-360 (September 1945).

3. J. L. McKibhen “July 16th Nuclear Explosion: Relating Timing, ” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-435 (1947).

4. E. W. Titterton „July 16th Nuclear Explosion: Fast Electronic Timing Sequence,” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-436 (April 1946). (… he (E.W. Titterton) gained fame as having ‚pushed the button’ to initiate the first atomic bomb test at Alamagordo, the consequences of his time at Los Alamos were more profound. It made him a member of an old boys’ network of virtually every leading nuclear physicist, both experimental and theoretical, in the Western world. Most of them had lived and worked in an isolated, close knit community for a number of years. …).

5. H. A. Bethe, Ed., “Los Alamos Technical Series. Vol. 7 ‘Blast Wave,’ Part I (Chaps. 1-4),” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-102O (August 1947). ( … Bethe was skeptical of the possibility of making a nuclear weapon from uranium. In the late 1930s, he wrote a theoretical paper arguing against fission, but was convinced by Teller to join the Manhattan Project. When Oppenheimer was put in charge of forming a secret weapons design laboratory, Los Alamos, he appointed Bethe Director of the Theoretical Division, a move that irked Teller, who had coveted the job for himself. Bethe’s work at Los Alamos included calculating the critical mass of uranium-235 and the multiplication of nuclear fission in an exploding atomic bomb. …)

6. Ernest D. Klema, “July 16th Nuclear Explosion: Fast-Neutron Measurements Using Sulfur as the Detector,” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-361 (October 1945).

7. Ernest D. Klema, “July 16th Nuclear Explosion: Neutron Measurements with Gold-Foil Detectors,” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-362 (October 1945).

8. R. Bellman and R. E. Marshak “Distribution Arising from a Point Source of Fast Neutrons between Two Slowing-Down Media, ” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-257 (April 1945). (Marshak received his PhD from Cornell University in 1939. Along with his thesis advisor, Hans Bethe, he discovered many of the fusion aspects involved in star formation. This helped him on his work for the Manhattan Project, in Los Alamos, during World War II.)

9. R. E. Marshak “JuIy 16th Nuclear Explosion: Soil Correction, Absorption of Neutrons in Soil, and Time Dependence of Slow-Neutron Intensity. ” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-358 (January 1946).

10. J. Hirschfelder, R. Kamm, J. L. Magee, and N. Sugarman „Fate of the Active Material After a Nuclear Explosion, ” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-277 (August 1945).

11. P. Aebersold and P. B. Moon “JuIy 16th Nuclear Explosion: Radiation Survey of Trinity Site Four Weeks After Explosion, ” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-359 (September 1945). (Dr. Aebersold was at t Los Alamos to assist in the health problems in connection with the atomic bomb test. He participated in protection of personnel during the assembling and testing of the bomb and made extensive radiation measurements after the test. 24 hours after the alleged explosion, you could visit the site without risk. During World War II P. B. Moon was part of the MAUD Committee that confirmed the feasibility of an atomic bomb and then became part of the British delegation to the Manhattan Project, where amongst other things he did work on designing instrumentation for measuring the eventual bomb test).

12. D. Williams and P. Yuster “July 16th Nuclear Explosion: Total Radiation,” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-353 (August 1945).

13. J. E. Mack and F. Geiger Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, personal communication.

14. F. Reines and W. G. Marley “July 16th Nuclear Explosion: Incendiary Effects of Radiation, ” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-364 (1945).

15. I. Halpern and P. B. Moon, “July 16th Nuclear Explosion: Attempt to Obtain Gamma-Ray Kinephotographs, ” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-430 (November 1945).

16. J. E. Mack, “July 16th Nuclear Explosion: Space-Time Relationships, ” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-531 (April 1946).

17. J. E. Mack “Semi-Popular Motion Picture Record of the Trinity Explosion,’” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory” report LAMS-373 (April 1946).

18. J. Blair, D. Frisch, and S. Katcoff, “Detection of Nuclear-Explosion Dust in the Atmosphere,” Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory report LA-418 (October 1945).


No scientific Evidence that an atomic Device can explode = good News!

There is no scientific evidence anywhere in above reports or anywhere by any Nobel Prize winners that an atomic device of any kind exploded in New Mexico July 16, 1945 due to mechanical, compressive contact! The Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory was just a military camp to produce disinformation in war by underpaid physicists and students. Who invented the above ‚bomb’ is not known. Some student?

Basic physics in a civilian laboratory on the other hand confirms that an atomic bomb does not work at all. Prove me wrong and win €1 000 000:- . Reason is very simple. The free neutrons released at fission are too fast and cannot fission another atomic. A free neutron can only fission another atomic in a peaceful atomic power plant after being moderated, i.e. slowed down. You cannot moderate or slow down free neutrons in an atomic bomb.

The stupid US 3 meters long thing right never even existed except as an empty dummy on fake photos! I know there are 1 000’s of web sites, e.g. this one, and this one, and this one, suggesting the atomic bomb works but … they all produce false info and propaganda. It is a very lucrative business paid for by ignorant tax payers. And any country can become an atomic bomb power! Just say you have the bomb. It doesn’t cost much. Any underpaid nuclear physicist will agree to anything for a pay rise (as happened at Los Alamos in New Mexico, 1945).

And the other atomic bomb powers and their ‚experts’ will not say anything. National, military security reasons, you know! You have to be politically correct! Today, 2012, all US atomic bombs are allegedly manufactured at the Pantex Plant, at Amarillo, TX, USA.

It is a strange place (right) in the middle of nowhere … where nobody but well paid guards work!

So maybe the USA is neither producing new, nor deactivating old atomic bombs? Isn’t it good news!

Luckily fission works only in peaceful, nuclear power plants and in civilian laboratories due to moderated free neutrons.


Only Risk is Overheating and Melting of the Metal and Surroundings

Pantex Plant atomic bomb making factory at Amarillo, Texas, USA – Source – where nobody seems to work.

In a power plant the uranium U-235 is in the form of an oxide (a molecule) where the U-235 part may fission and produce heat under controlled forms. No critical masses!

No exponential chain reactions. It can never explode. Only risk is overheating of the environment due to lack of cooling water Fukushima style.

Then the reactor enclosure will burst and its bottom may drop out (melt) and some radioactive elements will leak out.

Safety then is simply to ensure that cooling water is always available and that the bottoms of the reactors are STRONG. Quite simple actually. 

You should wonder why the Pantex Plant atomic bomb factory built a sportsfield in the middle of nowhere (right). Maybe because nobody has ever run there?

Pantex Plant atomic bomb making factory sports field at Amarillo, Texas, USA, where nobody ever runs around


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