Atomic Bomb Hoax VII

Klaus Fuchs

Klaus Fuchs was a German physicist that escaped from Nazi Germany and studied in Great Britain in the 1930’s. He was 1942 persuaded to work as a civilian for the US Manhattan project to develop the atomic bomb in UK, Canada and at Los Alamos, NM, USA and to sign the declaration form of the Official Secrets Act that provides for the protection of state secrets and official information, mainly related to national security.

Poor Fuchs could therefore not tell anybody what he was doing. Fuchs apparently soon found out that the Manhattan project was a failure … but he could not tell anybody. National security! Crazy, wasn’t it. So Klaus told the stupid secret about the atomic bomb that didn’t work to some representatives of the USSR, so that they knew what was going on. He shouldn’t have done that. 1950 Fuchs was arrested and jailed, later condemned to 14 years prison for treason after a 90 minutes trial in the UK. Tough luck. 9 years later he was kicked out of UK and settled at Dresden, not far from my house at Freiberg. The Fuchs’ arrest and trial and the Rosenbergs’ executions were clear signs to any civilian physicist in the know that atomic bombs do not work – shut up or … .

The Soviet atomic Bomb

4 to 11 February 1945 Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met at Yalta, USSR, to discuss how to divide the world after the defeats of Nazi-Germany and Japan. Roosevelt/Churchill indicated that they had a little surprise for Stalin. And the night 16/17 February central Dresden (Altstadt and Neustadt), Germany, a town of no military or industrial value was completely destroyed or burnt down by US/UK carpet napalm terror bombing raids. The only purpose was to show Stalin what happens to countries that do not respect agreements made. The Red Army arrived at Dresden early May 1945 and could see the result of UK and US governments terrorism. There were more military industry at little Freiberg 35 kms west than at 15 times bigger Dresden but Freiberg was never bombed. My house there is still standing.

The US (fake) first atomic test bomb exploded in New Mexico 16 July 1945 and president Truman was informed who indicated to USSR dictator Stalin 24 July at Potsdam, Germany, that USA had a new weapon. Klaus Fuchs had already 1 July 1945 told his USSR spy masters about the US test of the (fake) bomb so Stalin was in the picture. More (fake) US atomic bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan 6 and 9 August. In reality it was the same 400 B29s piloted by young, stupid American boys 18-19 years old not having a clue where they were that had destroyed Dresden a night in February that now destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki during nights in August 1945. The atomic bomb flash, blah, blah, early morning was just propaganda.

Back in Moscow Stalin created 20 August 1945 a secret committee to produce a Soviet ‚atomic’ bomb, fake of course, as quickly as possible. The committee consisted of three communist gangsters, Malenkov, Voznessenski and Zaveniaguine and three corrupt scientists, Kurtchatov, Joffé and Kapitsa. Kapitsa had already 11 October 1941 written an article in Pravda about how to build an atomic bomb that could wipe out a city, so it was no news. The committee also got, 11 October, a full set of plans of the US (fake) bomb provided by Fuchs so it was just to copy and paste and … voilà – the USSR would have its (fake) bomb at little cost. However, USSR had no (fake) uranium ore or metal to produce the (fake) bomb. To produce a fake atomic bomb you need fake uranium metal to make the hoax more realistic. And the uranium could anyway be used in peaceful, soviet, nuclear power plants.

Wismut AG

A quick study revealed that Saxony/Erzgebirge in the by the USSR occupied part of Germany had plenty of old, abandoned silver mines full of uranium oxide (pechblende). USSR secret service (NKVD/KGB) thus created (1945 or 1947) a German limited company, Wismut AG, to pursue mining uranium in Saxony.

One problem was that 95%+ of all Saxon mines, not very deep, say average 50 meters, but long, had been closed around 1900 being emptied of all silver and that the mining equipment was medieval or 1800-style – hammer, chisel and brute human force. Germany had never mined uranium before. Uranium ore mining therefore started 1945 with hammer and chisel and Wismut AG managed to produce just 10 000 kg (or ten tons!) of very low, ~0.02%, grade uranium oxide content ore 1946 that was shipped off by train to Semipalatinsk in wooden boxes to become uranium metal, which is fairly simple. The uranium metal shall then be divided into fissionable and non-fissionable uranium and that is very complicated. The USSR (fake) bomb was being built in great secrecy by 300 000 Gulag prisoners in the vicinity. Simple calculations show that less than 2 kg uranium-238/235 was in that Saxon ore 1946 … but you need much, much more to build a bomb. As explained below to, e.g., obtain 61 kg of pure uranium-235 (U-235) metal to make an atomic bomb, you need about 8 400 kg or 8.4 ton of uranium metal to separate the uranium-235 (U-235) from. And to get 8.4 ton of uranium metal you need >40 000 tons of Saxon uranium ore.

But … hast Du mir gesehen … very low grade uranium ore production increased in Saxony and surroundings thanks to a friend of mine working for the corrupt Wismut AG at Objekt 15 and otherwise and on 26 August 1949 the USSR announced that it had exploded its (fake) atomic bomb at 08.00 hrs local time. In all secrecy, of course. Western media published the lies as truth. The cold war had started.


300 Stalin Prizes

On 29 September 1949 about 300 USSR engineers and scientists received the Stalin Prize of 1st or 2nd order for the achievement to put a Soviet (fake) atomic bomb together. Imagine that, the USSR managed to build in all secrecy (or copy paste together using Fuchs’ fake plans) a (fake) atomic bomb from scratch in only four years. USA thought it would take the USSR 20 years. All fake of course.

There is no business like the fake nuke business. It goes full speed 2014! Iran and North Korea are in the lead!

Stalin was then the most powerful man in the world, he thought or dreamt. But he was just a terrorist having killed millions of civilians in USSR since 1928. Stalin was also sick, alcoholic, old and useless with no friends and didn’t know what to do with his fake bomb. To scare him 1st November 1952 United States exploded its first hydrogen bomb triggered by a small (fake) atomic bomb. It was 100 times stronger than the atomic bomb but of course 100% fake. Stalin didn’t like it and died around 1 March 1953 murdered, shot, poisened, sick or just faded away. Nobody knows how he died. Another mystery. But 1st August 1953 the USSR then tested its first hydrogen bomb, too, triggered by a small atomic bomb. It was 10 times stronger than the US bomb! It was of course also fake but western media said it was true. The cold war was heating up. USSR never used its atomic bomb toys and USSR ceased to exist 1991. The USSR/Stalin atomic bombs were just fake for 42 years. But the world believed that the USSR had the atomic bombs ready to drop them anywhere. Modern Russia is keeping up the illusion. Doesn’t cost them much … but why not state today it was a hoax? Aha, Russia is still an atomic bomb power!


Atomic Bomb Radiation

Over the decades the American and Japanese governments have spent more than $100 million to try to understand just what the radiation from the atomic bombs did to the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One interpretation is that no atomic bombs were dropped at all. Evidently during seven years of US occupation of Japan no radiation studies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were done … or faked. Censorship cannot do everything.


The French atomic Bomb

But didn’t France governed by our famous Général explode atomic bombs 1960 and 1966, you may ask? Oui, the Général produced his first A-show February 13, 1960, in the middle of desert Sahara and 60 persons flown in witnessed it. Of course, they were all asked to close their eyes, when the bomb exploded (to protect their eyes) … and were later shown photos/films of what they were supposed to have seen. They were of course impressed. Same July 2, 1966, at Mururoa, a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific with the Général as host. Only (not) seen by some flown in witnesses being asked to close their eyes, etc, etc. The witnesses evidently had no reason to doubt what the Général told them. All French witnesses were proud and certain to contribute to the greatness (grandeur) of France. But the Général simply fooled them.

More good news 2012 is that the United Nations are firmly against nuclear weapons with a few stupid countries disagreeing. It means that the US NNSA does not have to carry out stupid experiments again with US tax payers footing the bill.

Imagine all nonsense about the LGM-118 Peacekeeper:  

The LGM-118A Peacekeeper, also known as the MX missile (for Missile-eXperimental), was a land-based ICBM deployed by the United States starting in 1986. The Peacekeeper was a MIRV missile; it could carry up to 10 re-entry vehicles, each armed with a 300-kiloton W87 warhead/MK-21 RVs. A total of 50 missiles were deployed after a long and troubled development period.

As nuclear weapons do not work, imagine all money wasted (actually stolen by US Pentagon insiders) with the LGM-118 Peacekeeper.

According Isao Hashimoto 2 053 atomic uranium or plutonium bombs or trigger devices for hydrogen bombs have exploded in the period 1945-1998. I am happy to inform it is also all propaganda! Because …


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