**RED ALERT** San Andreas West Coast on MAJOR ALERT

24 May 15

HEADS UP CALIFORNIANS! No matter what, keep those quake supplies stocked! Remember: Lots of water. The San Andreas is expected to be a MASSIVE, unprecedented quake when it happens.

An earthquake researcher that uses planetary alignment data believes that there is the possibility of a strong earthquake on May 28-29, 2015. He believes the West Coast of America is the most likely area. He also believes that a Nostradamus quatrain contains the same alignment pattern.

Beware: The Movie San Andreas

The planned release day of the movie San Andreas is May 29, 2015.
As most of you are aware, sometimes movies contain predictive programming. A clear example of this was the movie Battle Los Angeles that contained clear signals to the Fukushima disaster. The Movie was also released on 3/11/11, the same day as the disaster.

The movie San Andreas is being released on 5/29/15 the same day that the earthquake researcher believes the planetary alignments may cause a large earthquake in the Pacific West coast area. Is the movie the message? Will the West Coast of the USA have a large earthquake on that day? Certainly something to think about!

Believers do not fear what’s coming and the non-believer should! Your personal “believer invitation” is below the videos.

Will you hear “well done, good and faithful follower” from Jesus? Share this while we still have the freedoms to do so:


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