Some People Embrace Evil

„Niektórzy ludzie uwielbiają zło „


Some People Embrace Evil

Who answering said to them: An evil and adulterous generation seeks a sign: and a sign shall not be given it (Matthew 12:39)

As a follow-up to this week’s earlier post: Some People Choose Evil, I would like to expound further on the effects of evil and how it transforms what God intended as good into evil.

Each of us, born with a God given free will, have had many choices to make throughout our lives. Our choices fall into one of three categories: 1) They bring us closer to God and His will for us to be with Him in Heaven for all eternity, 2)They move us away from God’s will and to potential eternal perdition, or 3) If we do not repent, they reject God’s love and separate us from Him, leading us to damnation for all time.

The most…

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